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Casting a Hollywood film takes a great deal of patience, especially when a studios first choice turns down a role.

From "Iron Man" to "Pretty Woman," some of the biggest hits may have had a totally different look if the lead roles hadnt been passed on by other actors. Weve gathered 12 major roles that were recast — and the actors who missed out on and scored the part.

Take a look through the slideshow below to see who almost headlined these iconic films.

In the classic film about a sultry romance between dance instructor Johnny Castle and Baby Houseman, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey were the perfect pair. But another leading man almost snagged the lead male role.

Jack Nicholson struck fear into his own family as Jack Torrance, the psychotic father who tries to kill his wife and son. But this part almost went to another Hollywood star.

Robin Williams was considered for the part, which would have definitely been an interesting role for the funny man.

Julia Roberts captured hearts across the nation with her role as Richard Geres escort turned romantic interest Vivian Ward. But this love story may have had a different look had the films first choice accepted the role.

Molly Ringwald was first offered the part but turned it down, making way for Roberts to perform one of her most memorable roles.

Jodie Foster won a Golden Globe and Oscar for her portrayal as Clarice Starling, an FBI agent responsible for getting assistance from Hannibal Lecter, a demented psychopath played by Anthony Hopkins. But Foster wasnt the first pick for the role.

Michelle Pfeiffer was first offered the role, but she turned it down due to its violent storyline.

Harrison Ford is best known for his role as the fearless archaeologist Indiana Jones. But that runaway boulder was almost chasing another leading man.

The films writer and producer George Lucas was set on Tom Selleck as Jones, but Steven Spielberg pushed for Ford.

Sarah Michelle Geller was initially offered the role but passed on the film. The movie went on to launch Silverstones career.

Matthew McConaughey was the first choice for the role of Jack. But in the end, Leo was cast and Jack and Rose were etched into the memories of hopeless romantics around the world.

Tom Hanks may have been down one Oscar and Golden Globe win if the studios first choice for Forrest Gump had accepted the role.

John Travolta turned down the part, making way for a memorable performance and even more memorable quotes from Hanks.

Tom Cruise was offered the role first but ultimately turned it down due to issues with the script.

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